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Fitnesa jostu komplekts

  • Perfect for strength training and fitness
  • 5 gums with different levels of tension
  • 2 velcro straps on the leg
  • 2 hand grips
  • A handle that allows you to attach ropes to the door
  • For women and men
  • Possibility to hook several ropes at the same time/ load regulation


The set of rubbers can be used for fitness training and rehabilitation exercises. A great advantage of expanders is that they allow you to engage in work with both the upper and lower parts of the body. They help to improve the condition of the muscles of the pelvis, back, chest, as well as the abdomen and arms.


Each of the five resistance bands included in the set generates a different load - ranging from 4. 5 to 13. 6 kg. Thanks to the adjustable fastening system, you can decide on the intensity of your workout yourself. You can exercise using just one selected elastic or clip several elastic together, increasing the load during exercise. By putting on all the rubber bands that are included in the set you can reach a pressure of up to 45 kilograms.


The sturdy door hook included in the kit allows you to perform different types of exercises. Attaching the hitch is very easy and does not require any tools. All you have to do is place the end part of it (the "anchor") over or under the door and then close it, checking at the end that the catch is properly locked.


A set of expanders will give you a full body workout. In addition to being an effective tool for shaping your arms, chest and back, it also allows you to do a leg workout thanks to the included ankle straps. Such training will help you strengthen your ankle joints and knees in particular.


The foam coating prevents your hands from slipping off the handles and also protects you from corns and burns. The foam used does not absorb sweat, which translates into a higher comfort of training.


  • Set includes 5 rubbers of different stretchability
  • Accessories: 2x handles, door hook, 2x leg bands, bag
  • Brand: ModernHome
  • Model: TPE001
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